Is a makeup trial necessary?

Bridal trials

I’m often asked whether a bridal trial is really necessary and the short answer is most definitely – yes! At a time when brides feel the need to be money savvy  – to ensure they get the wedding of their dreams – it is important to know why the makeup trial should not be the thing to be sidelined.

The makeup trial not only gives the opportunity for us to meet in person and build a relationship. It allows us to discuss the looks you like and try them out. Often this results in a look that’s actually different to the initial picture but is something that works for you.

If you think about it, everyone has a different interpretation of the idea of a smokey eye. Some like it really dark, others fairly light – but this isn’t really what we should be figuring out on the morning of your wedding. In having a trial, you can literally sit back and really enjoy your wedding morning with your bridal party. Confident that I will apply the makeup exactly as you loved at the trial.

Perhaps your day to day wear is either very light or non-existent and so the trial will allow me to land in a place where the makeup feels light, not too heavy for you but still give the right definition to the face for those all important photos. My aim is to make you feel comfortable and looking forward to wearing the makeup, that you may have first felt a little apprehensive about before the trial.

I would always insist on the bride having a trial for these reasons.

Other bridal party members

Other bridal party members are trial optional. For example, often the mother of the bride hasn’t altered her makeup routine in many years. So the thought of having a different look is understandably daunting. In these instances I would recommend her having a trial too so that she will feel far more comfortable knowing how she will look on the day.

Wedding makeup trial