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Top tips for lovely skin


Hyaluronic acid – an easy to use natural hydrating solution you can apply anytime of the day.  This will help to replump the skin leaving it feeling and liking fresh and dewy.

Water – aim to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. It can be hard to remember to do this, but believe me your skin will thank you.

Sheet masks – with stress levels probably wavering at high tide, treat yourself to a muscle relaxing bath and pop on a sheet mask. Easy to use and mess free these leave your skin feeling fresh.

Facial sprays – rose water spray morning, throughout the day and before bed. Doing this will instantly refresh your skin, giving a glowing complexion.

Rosehip oil – use it regularly it will rejuvenate and kick start those skin cells. Rosehip oil helps to improve the appearance of wrinkles and sun damaged skin.

Lips – dehydration of lips causes them to become chapped cracked dry and even quite painful. Use a lip balm or oil daily to keep them soft and kissable!

Moisturise daily – helps to prevent and control redness, flakiness and will slow down the ageing process. Even if you have oily skin, invest in a moisturiser.

General rule of thumb: for dry skin look for creamy lotions. For oily skin, opt for a more gel like/ light weight lotion.


Treat yourself to monthly/ bi monthly facials the year running up to your big day if you can afford to. Splurging on facials as often as you can will do wonders for your skin.


The skin repairs itself and recovers when we sleep. So those 7-9 hours quality sleep are essential to promote new collagen – helping to prevent sagging and fine lines.


Helps to eliminate dirt and debris build up on the skin. Exfoliating 1-2 times a week using a sensitive facial scrub will unclog those pores to prevent potential spots and other skin issues occurring.


A good diet avoiding caffeine, fatty foods and alcohol can go along way in making your skin brighter, blemish free let alone making you feel more alert, happier and less bloated.

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