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Wedding makeup guidelines: Covid 19

This page will be updated regularly to reflect the current government guidelines

As of today (20th July), it has been confirmed that hair styling and makeup application is allowed to happen from the 1st August as long as we can work in a Covid secure environment and wear appropriate PPE.

It is also expected that social gatherings (such as weddings) can be held up to 30 people –  as a result weddings planned pre Covid may need to be rescheduled so that the couple can have the day/ evening they want.

To ensure I operate in a Covid secure way I have had to make some changes to my usual working practices and have captured these below. My intention is to give you an idea of what my practices look like, what changes to expect, and what courtesies I will need from my clients.

Here is what I already do and have always done to protect my clients during makeup applications:

  • HAND SANITIZER: I wash my hands or use a hand sanitizer between every person who sits in my chair, since touching the face is a necessity during makeup applications.
  • DISPOSABLE APPLICATORS: I use one-use disposable applicators such as swabs, lip wands, sponges, and cotton rounds.
  • BRUSHES: All non-disposable brushes are thoroughly deep-cleaned with soap and water between jobs. I also carry an alcohol-based brush sanitizer for on-the-job cleaning as needed.
  • CREAMS: Cream-based products, such as gel eyeliners and lipsticks, are applied from a stainless steel palette that is sanitized between clients. Cream products are scraped out of their containers with a palette knife prior to application. (This way, the brush can be reloaded on the palette, without contaminating the original container of product.)
  • LIQUIDS: Liquid products, such as foundation and lipgloss, are also dispensed onto the palette prior to brush application, or applied with a disposable applicator (with no double dipping). Mascara is applied with a fan brush which is sanitised between clients this will be changed to me using a one-use disposable spoolie going forward.
  • PENCILS: Eye and lip pencils are sharpened between clients and sanitized with 70% alcohol.
  • LOOSE POWDERS: Loose powders are dispensed onto palettes or applied from the underside of the cap, which is sanitized between clients.
  • PRESSED POWDERS: Eyeshadow and other pressed powders are wiped down with 70% alcohol.
  • FALSE LASHES: False lashes are applied brand-new and are never reused between clients.

In order to address the proximity issues unique to this pandemic, I will also be changing some things about how (and where) I provide services:

  • I will contact you before the wedding to make arrangements for the space in which I’ll be working. The main requirement is that I set up apart from the bridal party and other vendors in order to avoid excess exposure and to enable as much physical distancing as possible.
  • Only one client at a time will be allowed in the makeup and hair prep space (no onlookers, and no children who are not also receiving services). This also stands for trials.
  • The prep space should have good light, good air flow (an oscillating fan is recommended), an electrical outlet, table space, and space for my chair and light.
  • Please arrive for your timeslot makeup-free, initially wearing a face covering. Before we start, we’ll have a quick, socially distant (across-the-room) conversation about these guidelines, as well as your desired look, which will help minimize the need for excess conversation once you’re in the chair. (I’m normally pretty chatty while I work, so this will be challenging for me!) Please note that you’ll also be asked about any recent symptoms before we begin, this may include your temperature being taken. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who isn’t feeling well or who displays a high temperature – this is to protect both myself and my subsequent clients. If this happens at a trial then a new trial date will be arranged and only services rendered and trial fee will need to be paid. If there is a high temperature or other symptoms found on the wedding date then hair and makeup will not be able to be done on that client. Refunds will not be given but services can be transferred.
  • I will be wearing a face covering while working for your protection, and clients will keep their masks on for the first part of receiving services (eye makeup application, I like to do eyes first even under normal conditions, so I can clean up any fallout before applying your foundation). Your mask can then be removed for the rest of the service.
  • No drinks or phones will be allowed in the chair, which will help keep my kit & tools sanitary.
  • For trials a phone call ahead of the appointment will be arranged to discuss your skin type, concerns, vision etc – in order to reduce face to face talking at your trial.
  • Extra time will be needed to carry out hair/makeup due to the extra measures listed.

While I know these changes may seem a bit draconian. They will go a long way towards reducing everyone’s risk and will give us mutual peace of mind during an unprecedented time.

Thank you so much for reading and please ensure you share these guidelines with your group.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

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